What’s In a Number .. ?

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] Last week I picked up a Nokia 520 Windows Phone for what I consider to be an absolute bargain price (well under the NZ$299 RRP) specifically as a development handset to allow me to explore the Windows Phone support offered by Oxygene. I’ve only just started down this road but have already come across a couple of things that might help people who might be scratching their heads (as I was) when getting started.

A Shaggy Dog Goes for a Breath of Fresh Air

[Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes] It has been a frustrating week for me in some regards. It all started with the news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia. At first I paid it no real attention. I have never had a Windows Phone and my few experiences of Windows on any sort of mobile or handheld device had not left me particularly interested. But for some reason after a day or two I found myself thinking I should take a look at Windows Phone (and Windows 8, for that matter).