More Deltics.Forms Magic

[Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes] Last time I introduced a bit of skullduggery with my Deltics.Forms unit as a way to easily “inject” a new TForm class into my projects.  We used this new class to add public property that we could use to add a size grip control to any form. This time we shall introduce some more code the Deltics.Forms unit in order to add some frequently useful capabilities to the Application object.

When Type(name)s Collide

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] It’s funny how this happens.  I was already intending to write about the way I have exploited like-type names to my advantage, and then noticed that the same subject cropped up recently in the re-invented Delphi forums.  In that instance, the issue though was a problem, and one that I’m sure many will be familiar with:  When is a TBitmap not a TBitmap? In my case, the question is: When is a TForm not TForm?