Music As Medicine

As I alluded to a couple of posts ago, I have only recently regained something approaching good health.  To get me back on track among other things I have found music to be a great healer.  I’ve been playing electric bass and singing with a bunch of guys from work since Christmas and having a blast. Then a few weeks ago a friend in that group suggested I audition for a “proper” band that were looking for a lead vocalist. The long story short is that I took the plunge and I am now lead singer with “5th Quarter”, a covers band here on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand where I live.

Tiburon Preview Videos Coming Online

The first two canned videos from last weeks preview of Tiburon have appeared on the CDN site.  Of the two, one covers some new language features in C++ Builder, but the one of most interest to Delphi developers I think is the one that demonstrates some of the VCL improvements and changes. See if you can spot Nick Hodge’s deliberate mistake.  At least, I hope it was deliberate.  😉 More videos and sessions should be coming online soon.