Multicast Events – Part 2

[Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes] Having covered some of the basic use of multicast events, in this second post I shall start to build the implementation.  In this first iteration we will provide the basics of a multicast event – managing and calling multiple handlers and the ability to enable and disable an event. The test project used in the previous video demonstration may also now be downloaded for you to experiment with if you wish.

Multicast Events – Part 1

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] I remember one of the things that got me excited when I first read about the as-then new fangled C# and .NET stuff coming out of Microsoft was the idea that a single event could have multiple handlers. Cutting a long and irrelevant story short, my interest in .NET waned, although my interest in multicast events did not.  For a long time I was resigned to having to do without them, but then realised that this was a self imposed penury. So I got out my jail breaking toolkit (Delphi) and set about tearing down the walls of my prison.  And here’s how I did it…