Big Updates to Smoketest 2.x

[Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes] A little over a year ago, I released Smoketest 2.0, a complete re-write of the Smoketest unit testing framework first implemented some years ago. Other things then consumed my time, but in the past couple of months, Smoketest has rapidly progressed through no less than 4 (four!) fairly significant feature updates as I have extended it to support my testing needs in other projects. Today I released v2.4.0, and though it was about time (read: long overdue!), I shared some of the new features. As you might have gathered from my recent post on an exception handling bug in the Delphi 10.4.1 x86 compiler, exceptions have been a recent focus, so I’ll start with the changes in that area.

DUnit Compatibility in Smoketest

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] To address some odd concerns about differences between DUnit and Smoketest, I thought it would be useful to demonstrate how it is entirely within the gift of a Smoketest user to create their own “comfort” layer, to make using Smoketest more similar to the DUnit framework if they wish (though why in that case they wouldn’t simply use DUnit, I can’t quite fathom. But still).

Smoketest – Set Me Up / Tear Me Down

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] In a previous post I demonstrated how the default “pretty name” for a Smoketest test case (derived from the test case classname) can be over-ridden by a test developer by implementing a specific interface (INameCase) on the test case class itself. There are some other interfaces that can be implemented on a test case, including interfaces that allow a test case to implement housekeeping tasks for the tests it provides.