Making a case for Strings, the sane way

[Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute] Lars Fosdal responded to my previous post suggesting a way of implementing string support in a case-like construct (but not actually a case statement) using generics and anonymous methods. All very clever, but way, way too complicated and – if you don’t mind me saying so – as ugly as sin into the bargain (imho – ymmv). For simple cases [sic], it is actually relatively straightforward to uses strings in a case statement.

A Vision of Attributes in “The Spirit of Delphi”

[Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes] A welcome new language feature in Delphi 2010 is the introduction of attributes, as previously found in .NET languages.  However I am slightly disappointed that the language implementation is also very close to that found in C# and other .NET languages and not more in keeping with what I would consider The Spirit Of Delphi.