A Vision of Attributes in “The Spirit of Delphi”

[Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes] A welcome new language feature in Delphi 2010 is the introduction of attributes, as previously found in .NET languages.  However I am slightly disappointed that the language implementation is also very close to that found in C# and other .NET languages and not more in keeping with what I would consider The Spirit Of Delphi.

Tiburon Preview Videos Coming Online

[Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute] The first two canned videos from last weeks preview of Tiburon have appeared on the CDN site.聽 Of the two, one covers some new language features in C++ Builder, but the one of most interest to Delphi developers I think is the one that demonstrates some of the VCL improvements and changes. See if you can spot Nick Hodge’s deliberate mistake.聽 At least, I hope it was deliberate.聽 馃槈 More videos and sessions should be coming online soon.