Oxygene Constructor Magic on Cocoa

[Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes] Earlier this week I mentioned that I had published my TXT-2-PARK app for Android in the Google Play Store. Today I published the iOS version to the Apple App Store (still awaiting approval at this stage). As with the Android version, I implemented the iOS version using Oxygene, and things proved a little less straightforward.

Learning Valuable Lessons

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] Iztok has been at it again, making comments that prompt another post. ­čÖé He expresses his view that there are only two viable options for mobile development. The first is essentially the web-based technology approach (HTML/JS/PhoneGap etc) and the other is the platform native tool chains, Eclipse/AndroidStudio/Xcode etc.

Porting the Objective-C CFFTPSample to XE2: Part 1

[Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes] On the NZ DUG email list (yes, we still have those here) a question was recently posted asking for help with getting some FTP code working on OSX, using XE2. This coincided nicely with my reaching a point in my Objective-C learning where this sort of exercise was of interest to me also, so I decided to try porting the CFFTPSample from the Apple Developer reference materials as a learning exercise.