Elemental My Dear Watson

[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes] A short, quick post to share the fruits borne of the confluence of two of my passions: RemObjects Elements and … t-shirt design. Ok, the latter isn’t really a ‘passion’ so much as a hobby I have dabbled in from time to time over the years, and I have no illusions that my designs are going to set the t-shirt world afire. But every so often I come up with a fun idea that I’d like to wear myself, or that a few colleagues at work would like to join in with. If others want to wear them too, then even better!

Nullable Types. Not!

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] I recently mentioned that RemObjects have placed their OS X native IDE – a.k.a. Fire – into public beta. I haven’t been using it myself (yet) but have been following developments in the RemObjects Talk forums with interest, and a new feature in the Elements 8.0 compiler (also part of the Fire beta) caught my eye this week.