Making A Splash

[Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes] OK, so who hasn’t done this a million times – adding a splash screen to a Delphi application.  I’ve seen any number of “easy” ways to do this but during a session at Tech Ed ’08 this week I saw the latest in splash screen technology from Microsoft:  A SplashScreen API and build action supported by WPF 3.5 and VS 2008. I immediately thought of my Application psuedo-class and object in Deltics.Forms.

More Deltics.Forms Magic

[Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes] Last time I introduced a bit of skullduggery with my Deltics.Forms unit as a way to easily “inject” a new TForm class into my projects.  We used this new class to add public property that we could use to add a size grip control to any form. This time we shall introduce some more code the Deltics.Forms unit in order to add some frequently useful capabilities to the Application object.