Smoketest – Set Me Up / Tear Me Down

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] In a previous post I demonstrated how the default “pretty name” for a Smoketest test case (derived from the test case classname) can be over-ridden by a test developer by implementing a specific interface (INameCase) on the test case class itself. There are some other interfaces that can be implemented on a test case, including interfaces that allow a test case to implement housekeeping tasks for the tests it provides.

Bonjour JSON

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] I know, you wait 5 years for a library then three come along at once! As well as Smoketest I also want to mention a couple of other libraries that have been published alongside it. They are wholly unrelated to Smoketest itself, so I decided to just quickly mention them in this separate post.


[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes] Are you doing Android development ? Whether you are using Delphi or some other Android development tool a key tool in the Android developer’s toolbox is the logcat command, part of the Android SDK. But it can be a little… how to put this kindly… crude. So I put together a rather more useful and – dare I say attractive – front-end under the rather uninspired name of ADB WINLOG.

Blowing Smoke…

[Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes] To alleviate the grind of polishing and sanitising my code (and, let’s be honest, just plain ‘fixing’ it in some cases) ready for release, I have re-kindled my participation on Stack Overflow. In a happy confluence yesterday a question came up which allowed me to exercise one of the libraries that I’m preparing to release: Smoketest.