The Varying (and Variant) Value of True

[Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute] My most recent posts have prompted a bit of discussion, and it seems some concern, regarding the implementation of Boolean values in Delphi. The concern at least I think is unwarranted, as long as you avoid explicitly comparing a Boolean value to the True constant and allow the compiler to logically evaluate the Boolean itself. But in the follow up investigations of one commenter (thank you Arthur), a further occurrence of the alternate -1 identity of True has been identified: Variants.

Delphi for Linux: Enterprise / Architect Only + ARC Imposed = … ?

[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes] With the lack of any easily available information from Embarcadero, in yesterday’s post I had to speculate as to the cost that might be involved with the new Delphi for Linux. According to comments it seems that I was being overly generous by suggesting that only a Pro Edition of Delphi would be required (so much for people who think I go out of my way to criticize). Unfortunately this does now appear to have been confirmed in the latest “amnesty” email from Embarcadero.

On Delphi for Linux…

[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes] It has been difficult to avoid the fuss being made about the “new” Linux support in Delphi. It’s almost as if they didn’t have a Linux offering more than 15 years ago. I refer of course to Kylix, which failed in no small part due to the quality and the cost of the tool, for a platform where “free” was the more usual expectation and open source means being able to fix your own tools instead of waiting for the vendor to deign to offer a maintenance release. So what better chance does a Delphi with Linux support stand this time around ? Let’s see…

DUnit Compatibility in Smoketest

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] To address some odd concerns about differences between DUnit and Smoketest, I thought it would be useful to demonstrate how it is entirely within the gift of a Smoketest user to create their own “comfort” layer, to make using Smoketest more similar to the DUnit framework if they wish (though why in that case they wouldn’t simply use DUnit, I can’t quite fathom. But still).