Smoketest – Set Me Up / Tear Me Down

In a previous post I demonstrated how the default “pretty name” for a Smoketest test case (derived from the test case classname) can be over-ridden by a test developer by implementing a specific interface (INameCase) on the test case class itself. There are some other interfaces that can be implemented on a test case, including interfaces that allow a test case to implement housekeeping tasks for the tests it provides.

Bonjour JSON

I know, you wait 5 years for a library then three come along at once! As well as Smoketest I also want to mention a couple of other libraries that have been published alongside it. They are wholly unrelated to Smoketest itself, so I decided to just quickly mention them in this separate post.


Are you doing Android development ? Whether you are using Delphi or some other Android development tool a key tool in the Android developer’s toolbox is the logcat command, part of the Android SDK. But it can be a little… how to put this kindly… crude. So I put together a rather more useful and – dare I say attractive – front-end under the rather uninspired name of ADB WINLOG.

Blowing Smoke…

To alleviate the grind of polishing and sanitising my code (and, let’s be honest, just plain ‘fixing’ it in some cases) ready for release, I have re-kindled my participation on Stack Overflow. In a happy confluence yesterday a question came up which allowed me to exercise one of the libraries that I’m preparing to release: Smoketest.