Break It or Improve It ?

[Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute] Seth Godin recently asserted that Don’t touch it! You might break it is the opposite of Touch it! You can make it better I fully appreciate what he means by this (and we mustn’t forget that Seth Godin does not blog on the subject of software development, although a lot of what he says often has relevance) but in the world of software application support I think there is a middle ground in this case.

Blowing Smoke…

[Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes] To alleviate the grind of polishing and sanitising my code (and, let’s be honest, just plain ‘fixing’ it in some cases) ready for release, I have re-kindled my participation on Stack Overflow. In a happy confluence yesterday a question came up which allowed me to exercise one of the libraries that I’m preparing to release: Smoketest.

Exchange() – Epilogue and Smoketest

[Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes] A colleague of mine directed me to a further minor refinement of the ‘final’ Exchange() code I posted the other day. The change is minor but yields a worthwhile performance improvement, but my main reason for bothering to post (yet!) another update is an excuse to introduce the testing framework I developed that allowed me to quickly assess any benefit.