Oxygene Constructor Magic on Cocoa

[Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes] Earlier this week I mentioned that I had published my TXT-2-PARK app for Android in the Google Play Store. Today I published the iOS version to the Apple App Store (still awaiting approval at this stage). As with the Android version, I implemented the iOS version using Oxygene, and things proved a little less straightforward.

Come on Baby Light My Fire

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] These are exciting times in the mobile development space, especially for followers of RemObjects work. Whilst the likes of Xamarin and Embarcadero pursue their cross-platform abstractions, with varying degrees of success, RemObjects have been focussing on delivering genuinely native solutions and the long term vision that underpins their compiler architecture is proving itself in their ability to react Swiftly [sic] to the changing development landscape.

Learning Valuable Lessons

[Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes] Iztok has been at it again, making comments that prompt another post. 🙂 He expresses his view that there are only two viable options for mobile development. The first is essentially the web-based technology approach (HTML/JS/PhoneGap etc) and the other is the platform native tool chains, Eclipse/AndroidStudio/Xcode etc.