Azure DevOps – Template for Builds + Running Tests and Capturing Results

[Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes] A more complete build script, re-usable in the form of a template, that caters for different Delphi versions, combined with a demonstration of running unit tests and capturing results for reporting and analysis in Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Hidden/Hard to Find Deals on Parallels Desktop Pro

[Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes] For some years now I’ve been running a Mac as my main development system, using Parallels Desktop to run Windows in VM’s on that hardware. I like the Parallels software, but not their licensing policy, which requires me to license each machine I use rather than the “No Nonesense” approach of licensing me, the user, which I find particularly annoying now that they have switched to a subscription licensing model. But, this didn’t used to be a problem until I got a second Mac last year with a MacBook Pro for development on the go, as well as continuing to use my iMac.

The Varying (and Variant) Value of True

[Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute] My most recent posts have prompted a bit of discussion, and it seems some concern, regarding the implementation of Boolean values in Delphi. The concern at least I think is unwarranted, as long as you avoid explicitly comparing a Boolean value to the True constant and allow the compiler to logically evaluate the Boolean itself. But in the follow up investigations of one commenter (thank you Arthur), a further occurrence of the alternate -1 identity of True has been identified: Variants.