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Just a few moments ago I received an invitation to register for what I presume to be the launch event of RAD Studio XE3. 28th August is the date for your diary!

I have to presume this is the XE3 launch because “XE3” isn’t actually mentioned. For that matter, the words “launch” or “release” don’t feature either.  Worryingly there is also no mention of either Android or Windows 8.  Fingers crossed these are being held back as a surprise for us all.

At the very least it looks like SOME information is soon to enter the public domain at last.

19 thoughts on “RAD Studio (XE3 Launch?) Event Announced in NZ”

  1. ..I’m wondering why you got permission to public this news, yet there are no official announcements directly from Embarcadero

    1. Well, I suppose you could consider the email to be some sort of “official announcement” since it came from Embarcadero, it’s just that some people have received it and clearly others have not (yet). 🙂

      There was nothing in the email invitation or on the event registration page to indicate that it was a secret or that prohibited me from mentioning it.

  2. Android, maybe. But why be worried about Windows 8? Does anyone have any reason to believe it will not turn into an even bigger flop than Vista and be utterly irrelevant 3 years from now?

    1. Fair point, and Windows 8 may well be the next Vista but Vista begat Windows 7 and much of the work required to prepare for Vista was just as important and relevant for Windows 7. 🙂

      I just wonder if “Windows 8” is being held back as the BIG REVEAL on the day, much like iOS “support” was last year (which would fit with an alleged suggestion allegedly made allegedly recently in an alleged comment to this alleged blog. Allegedly)

  3. Email invites went out to Australia this morning as well – so no secrets to keep. Morning events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on 22,23,24 August. We’ll let you know what was revealed!

  4. No surprise, “inside emb” already mention no new compiler for ios, which of course we can assume no Android support.

    Also he said they will support Win8 support, don’t remember details.

    If you put together this invitation + what he said about the launch on middle of August this is about XE3

  5. If i am correct, Embarcadero had already started some R&D in Metro before 2011 December(using win8 dev preview ) and by now it might have become stable(“stable” in Embarcadero’s language).

    here are some proofs



    thom gerdes was at embarcadeo and it thing he was a part of R&D for metro development.

    He is no more at embarcadeo as no any R&D required

  6. Big Wippie! Now we get to pay for a FireMonkey update that should have worked the first time around.

  7. What do you mean “no mention of Windows 8”?! If that tilefest in the header of your screenshot doesn’t scream METRO in yo face, then you must have been living under a rock for the last year… (which I know you haven’t) 😛

    1. LOL – nice one! 🙂

      Sadly if this is some form of subliminal feature advertisment, it might suggest that what “Inside EMBT” allegedly said about some hurried Windows 8 support being regarded as the “big wow!” of this release, as a fop to those expecting those things that have been delayed, is actually the case. Much like the integrated version control and other IDE bells and whistles that were supposed to compensate for the lack of (an already late) 64-bit compiler in D2010.

  8. @Oliver is right on it. Apart from the (almost) obvious tile layout of the announcement. Notice that the word ‘surface” is highlighted; Microsoft Surface ? Win RT? I think something is cooking…

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