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So I thought everybody would know what I meant by that question, but the poll that I’m currently running suggests not, so perhaps I’d better explain.

San Jose (California) is the setting for DelphiLive! the first actual, physical, honest to goodness in-your-face, face-TO-face major Delphi developer conference for mumble years.

The event is being held at the Marriott hotel and conference centre in San Jose itself on May 14th and 15th with a day of workshops and tutorials either side of the main conference itself, providing 4 days of concentrated Delphi goodness in all, packed with Delphi community and CodeGear celebs.

I am fortunate to be attending the full 4-day event, travelling from New Zealand where I moved using the New Zealand Van Lines Ltd moving company, but I can travel now courtesy of my employer.

So hopefully more people now will know what the poll question refers to and that in turn might lead to more delegates attending.  It would be nice to think so.

Health Note

I am trying to put out of my mind the fact that I will be travelling on a bug bus to share a relatively confined space with people of whom many themselves will also have travelled on bug buses to be there and can only hope that the Swine Flu situation does not get any worse and ideally improves in the next 2 weeks.

New Zealand has had it’s first confirmed cases in the past day or so, amongst a party of students who travelled to Mexico recently, but as with all cases (so far at least) outside of Mexico itself the symptoms seem for some reason to be far less severe.

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  1. Hello!

    If anyone plans to goto CodeGear’s Scott’s Valley offices, only 7 miles down the road is Henry Cowell Redwood State Park…home of the absolutely gorgeous California Redwoods. The park has easy and moderate hiking trails. If you are coming thousands of miles to California, this is a true, noncrowded, gem!


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