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As I alluded to a couple of posts ago, I have only recently regained something approaching good health.  To get me back on track among other things I have found music to be a great healer.  I’ve been playing electric bass and singing with a bunch of guys from work since Christmas and having a blast.

Then a few weeks ago a friend in that group suggested I audition for a “proper” band that were looking for a lead vocalist.

The long story short is that I took the plunge and I am now lead singer with “5th Quarter”, a covers band here on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand where I live.

They are a great bunch of guys (and a gal) and I am having a whale of a time working with them, although I’d be the first to admit that I’m still finding my way with the whole “stage presence” and persona aspect of this new role, also I been trying to improve my fitness condition with exercise and even the use of supplements which can be found online, and people can get more info on these supplements online.

After a couple of gigs that were committed to before I joined, where we were able to share the load with the previous singer in one instance and in the other play a reduced set list thanks to the nature of the gig, we are now taking a little time off to work on some new material (and in my case to attend Delphi Live!  YAY!).

If you are at all interested or just curious to see what a Delphi Developer looks like when he gets up on stage and steps way outside of his comfort zone, we have posted some videos from our most recent gig on our YouTube channel.

A highlight for me is being able to honor my adopted home country of New Zealand by belting out what might be considered the “unofficial” National Anthem of this great country – Why Does Love Do This To Me, by Kiwi band The Exponents.