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I’ve worked with a number of version/source control solutions over the years, and looked at or even evaluated  even more.  None has really been perfect, and very few even come close, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

But what do you use with Delphi?

Recognising that people perhaps use one system at home and another in their “day job” (or even on different projects within the same organization), you can choose up to three responses for this poll.

8 thoughts on “This Weeks Poll”

  1. Distributed version control systems like Mercurial and Git seem to be very popular these days, so it might’ve been worthwhile including them in the poll… Looking forward to the poll results, though!

  2. You might want to add:
    FreeVCS / JediVCS – We still use this, and I’m sure couple others do too…

    Also for my personal projects at home I just .zip/.rar up my source code every now and again – I guess that’s close to the “xcopy … ” option you listed but not exactly the same 🙂

  3. CVSNT (or EVS as it seems to be scheduled for rename) is also missing from the list. Many people seem to dismiss it as a mere Windows port of CVS but it is in fact much more than that, adding a lot of sorely missed functionality to the original CVS (such as atomic checkouts, merge points, SSPI authentication, change sets, SSL encryption, branch ACLs, advanced modules, reserved edits, binary and compressed deltas and many more).

  4. +1 for CVSNT
    Lots of features have been in that one for years, that other version control systems only got recently. Mature, rock-solid, well-supported.

  5. Although it doesn’t rate very high, GIT is a very good VCS. I think the reason it does rate so well is because it is still tied closely to its UNIX/LINUX roots and the Windows implementation of GIT is still not mature enough. GIT is mainly used from the command line and there are no credible GUI front-end apps yet for GIT. Still I think it is worth looking at it.

    I use GIT locally on my machine but then write atomic changes using SVN to an external server.

  6. We switched from CVS to SVN 4 years ago. The steady evolution of the TortoiseSVN client has been one of the significant factors in making SVN easy to use day to day.
    And don’t overlook installing TortoiseSVN on the repository server as well. It helps with many (but not all) admin functions.

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