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Last weeks poll was interesting – I was surprised to see such a high proportion of those polled indicating that they don’t do unit testing – slightly more than 50% in fact.  It wasn’t a huge sample size, but even so it surprised me.

So that got me thinking about the use to which visitors to my blog are actually putting Delphi – unit testing isn’t relevant to everyone of course – and so I thought it might be useful to ask that question this week.

This is another multi-response poll.  You may choose all the answers that apply to you.

2 thoughts on “Another Week, (Yet) Another Poll”

  1. Um, “Working for a commercial software developer”? That you work your yourself is just a bonus. No need to rub it in.


    (but point taken – I’ll see if I can remove the “working for” to make it a little less specific)

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