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The Delphi blog-sphere is probably going to go into meltdown with this news and speculation as to whether it is accurate or not.  The indications were that the release wasn’t far off, but it’s much sooner than I think many were expecting, myself included.  I am also somewhat surprised that we didn’t hear about it first from CodeGear directly, certainly confirmation (or clarification) now is quickly needed.

Nick Hodges (the Delphi Product Manager) has linked to the eWeek article from his blog, which I suppose we might take as tacit confirmation.


It is also interesting to note that the date (if true) is only 3 days out from a date that I was given back in Feb/Mar for a Tiburon release – 22nd August.  i.e. the Friday before.  I guess they need the weekend just to do a final run of the unit tests.


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