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Last weeks poll asked which was your first Delphi version.  It may or may not come as a surprise that the results essentially provided a list of Delphi versions largely sorted by age.

The one exception was that (of visitors to this blog) more gained their first Delphi experience from Delphi 2007 than from Delphi 2006, which would support the impression I am increasingly gaining of a resurgence in interest in Delphi having started in the last year or so.

This week I ask which version – or versions – of Delphi my visitors are actively using.

In this poll you can select as many versions as apply to you – if you use one version in your day job, but another in your personal projects for example.

Once again, to keep the list to a reasonable size, some Delphi versions are combined.

I hope to get archived poll results available soon.  The polls are being archived but for some reason the poll plugin isn’t presenting the archived polls for viewing.

3 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Poll”

  1. Currently using BDS 2006; mainly C#/ECO and no plan to upgrade since CodeGear dropped C# visual support in RAD 2007.

  2. Imho you shouldn’t have aggregated esp. Delphi 6/7 and 4/5. I /assume/ most D6/7 or D5/4 voters use D7 or D5. It would have been interesting to prove that.

  3. A fair point, Olaf, and if so many people hadn’t already voted I might have changed it; but I’m not setting out to “prove” anything with these polls, as such.

    I think we can safely assume that *most* people using Delphi 6/7 are actually using 7 (and similarly w.r.t 4/5)

    Maybe I’ll ask the question again after Tiburon has been out for a while, and at that point I’ll limit the possible answers to those that score well this time around, splitting out all the different versions to get slightly more detailed info from the answers.


    Thanks for the comments.

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