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I am preparing a post inspired by my recent travels to Ukraine and the United Kingdom, but in the meantime I couldn’t help but smile (ok, “smirk”) when following a link to an Embarcadero page entitled “Delphi for iOS Kick Start”, that appeared in the DelphiFeeds, um, feed.

I have now bought the RemObjects solution for .NET, Android/Java and iOS/OS X development in the form of Oxygene (posts on that front also coming soon), but I was curious to see how Embarcadero were positioning their approach.

It would seem that they are still figuring that part out too:

It isn't here

No doubt the real page will appear at some point, or maybe it was a reference to an Embarcadero project to get something going on Kick Starter to deliver something to replace FireMonkey, which would explain why it doesn’t exist yet ? Maybe. 😉

Yes, it’s a “cheap shot”, but it is meant in a light hearted “this raised a chuckle” fashion, not to be taken as a serious criticism of EDN.

Update: Bruce McGee kindly provided the link to the article intended to be posted on EDN under this title. Presumably they changed the URL after DelphiFeeds had already picked up the post.

6 thoughts on “Delphi for iOS Kick Start – Sorry, It Isn’t Here”

    1. Thanks for that, 🙂 although I guess this means that nothing is ever going to appear at the URL previously submitted to/picked up by the Delphi Feeds aggregator. Oops. 🙁

  1. Had a similar thing myself. Changed the title of a blog post after DelphiFeeds picked it up.

    Seems DelphiFeeds does not update itself from changes RSS (:

  2. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Rem Objects’ Oxygene for Cocoa, once you try it out.

    After realizing that FireMonkey on iOS won’t pick up the new iOS 7 look automatically (bc FM doesn’t use native visual controls), I’ve been looking at Xamarin Studio (using C#) and their GUI designer which *does* use native controls. Unlike Oxygene for Cocoa, Xamarin Studio has its own integrated GUI designer (like VS and Delphi on Win32).

    However, it’s still in alpha.

    Worst case scenario (which isn’t bad) is that I’ll use XCode and Obj-C. It’s really a nice language, but XCode is such a departure from Delphi and Visual Studio’s GUI development…and I just prefer Delphi. Unfortunately, Delphi has moved their visual controls away from native implementations…and it has me looking elsewhere these days. Maybe they’ll buy/incorporate TMS iCL and I’ll take another look at Delphi on iOS.


    1. Xamarin is a really cool and sleek solution however if you prefer Delphi or a Delphi-esque/Pascal language then Oxygene is the way to go and it uses VS which is way ahead of the Delphi IDE. I’ve tried Oxygene and it’s a pretty awesome solution if you want to stick with Pascal. After deciding to move away from Delphi and taking everything in consideration we’re moving over to C# (mainly due to demand from our developers) so Xamarin is likely to be our choice. The only issue I have with Xamarin is that if you want to use VS for development it costs $1000 per platform per developer (thats $3,000 per developer if you want to target iOS, Android and Mac!) which puts us in the realm of what Delphi would cost us and cost was a significant factor in moving from Delphi in the first place. Oxygene costs $699 for all 3 (and I believe you can get cheaper upgrade rates) which is great value. Xamarin do have a much cheaper edition where you can use their Xamarin Studio IDE but we’d prefer to use VS – however we can’t afford that sort of money for tools so if we do go with Xamarin it’ll be using the non-VS edition. If we were going to stick with Pascal then Oxygene would absolutely be our choice – it’d be a no-brainer.

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