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My first poll looked ahead to the next version of Delphi, asking what we were looking forward to.  It came as no real surprise to find Generics and Unicode leading the pack.

So I thought I’d turn the perspective around to look in the opposite direction and find out where our pollsters (pollees?) are coming from, and what version of Delphi got them started.  To keep the list down to a just barely manageable number I’ve “rolled up” some of the versions – so apologies if your specific version got mashed up with a neighbour.

8 thoughts on “A New Poll”

  1. Technically, I started with Compas Pascal, the predecessor to Turbo Pascal – but it was TP3 that was my first real tool as in – getting work done.
    I enjoyed TP for Windows 1.0 and 1.5, and actually was somewhat disappointed by the divergence from OWL when Delphi 1 came out. It didn’t really take long to overcome that disappointment, though 🙂

    P.S. Good to see you on Delphifeeds.com !

  2. I started with C++Builder 5, followed by 6, 2006 and now 2007. The first compiler was DICE on the Amiga!

  3. Hi Lars – I was tempted to include Turbo Pascal for Windows, but the list was long enough as it was with just Delphi versions!

    Which is a good thing, I think. 🙂

    I used Turbo Pascal for Windows myself to write DLL’s that provided the RPC glue between Gupta SQLWindows applications and DATA/BASIC routines on REALITY systems, waaay back in 1991-ish.

    Stuart – funny that the Amiga should crop up. I had another poll in mind that had an Amiga reference in it but it wasn’t very Delphi centric.

    I taught myself Pascal using the HiSpeed compiler on an Amiga! No OO, but it was Turbo 5 compatible and iirc they even had an Amiga port of the Borland Graphics Unit!

  4. The first one that I studied, was actually Nascom Pascal, a predecessor to Compas Pascal. As far as I remember, the whole product was 4Kbyte…

  5. A good follow up poll might ask what version or versions people are currently using or their favourite release.

  6. Played some time with TP 1.00A on CP/M. Done homework with TP 6/7, Delphi 1 and started real development at work using Delphi 2.

  7. I started with TP2 (I think it was, maybe earlier). Used a couple other versions, including Borland Pascal, and the windows versions (pre-Delphi), but I somehow skipped Delphi 1 and started with Delphi 2 shortly before 3 came out. I’ve used every version since, except version 4. I missed that one too.

    I do however have a Turbo Pascal 1 floppy, but no 5.25 inch drives. . . .

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