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I previously speculated that the upgrade eligibility window for XE3 might have been edged open ever so slightly. Sadly it seems this is not the case (German language forum). At least, not unless they extend another upgrade offer as they did with XE2.

Here’s the response, as translated by Google:

If you are a D2009 licensee wishing to upgrade to XE3 but in no hurry to do so right now, you might want to clarify with Embarcadero how long you will be eligible to do so, in case they close the door before you get around to it.

Thanks to Sebastian for mentioning this in the comments on my previous post.

2 thoughts on “XE3 Upgrade from Delphi 2009 – Only Until the End of the Year”

  1. Just reports: ADUG publishes new comprehensive book, about FireMonkey in XE2 and iOS.
    Can’t imagine how happy they are with XE3 release.

    Some Emba evangelist – http://ru.linkedin.com/pub/vsevolod-leonov/21/b5/b63 – spurted an essay: http://habrahabr.ru/post/150892/
    Rather hard to read – but worth it. For the simple fact: in Emba’s picture of world there is no library developers, except for ETPs. Either you are mouth-reduced Partner, or you are merely consumer. Well, that makes *much* sense in the light of EULA gimmicks.

  2. While absence of an immediate upgrade option might be a problem. Afaik E. has run promotions for upgrades several times in the past.

    Might be a matter of just enabling the newsletter of your vendor, and sitting it out.

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