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Having checked the online store listing for Delphi XE3 which is now up, it appears that the upgrade eligibility window for XE3 may have been nudged open ever-so-slightly wider.

The eligibility window introduced by Embarcadero has previously, consistently, been current version and the two immediately prior versions. Additionally they generously [sic] allowed holders of a license for one additional older version to upgrade, as long as they did so before the end of the year. This additional, limited time eligibility was always specifically mentioned in the store and in the FAQ.

So for XE2 the products eligible for upgrade were:

  • XE (current)
  • 2010 (previous)
  • 2009
  • 2007 (until 31-Dec-2011)

And we might have expected that for XE3 the eligible versions for upgrade pricing would be:

  • XE2 (current)
  • XE (previous)
  • 2010
  • 2009 (until 31-Dec-2012)

However, as you can see in the on-line store listing for XE3, there is no mention of any time limit on the eligibility of Delphi 2009 for upgrade pricing.

So whilst the window isn’t actually any wider than we might have expected at this point, it does look as if it won’t be pulled in a little tighter in a few months time as has happened in previous years.

9 thoughts on “Widening of Upgrade Eligibility in XE3…?”

  1. Buy before September 28 and
    Get a bonus pack of free software including Mida Converter, TMS Grid and FireMonkey Premium Style, FREE

    But over $700 AUD for the upgrade for Pro and 1,126 for Rad Studio Pro Upgrade well and truly counts me out 🙁

    1. AUD hurts at the moment. I had to give purchaseing from Australia at the moment, not only because of this, but the current conversion rate is one of the reasons. Almost double the price.

      1. If I understand you correctly, are you saying you bought from some store other than the Australia store ?

        You are aware of the term that remains in the EULA that invalidates your license if you purchase it in/from a territory other than that in which you are using it, except for [undefined periods of] temporary travel ?

        1. 🙂 No. Nexus DB for example which I used more from the perspective of hobby and because of interest. Some people I have shown liked the idea the plug-in concept, the transports … but I will have to wait for the EUR to recover – doubt this will happen or happen soon. I hope my trust into Delphi will come back. Currently I don’t have big issues, I develop my own stuff I use in-house at my own risk, handy little analysis tools with nice GUI … we will see if XE3 will work this satisfactory and XE4 will prove EMB reliable enough to become worth recommending Delphi or RAD Studio.

  2. For me it is absolutely senseless to be keen on previous version like XE, 2010, 2009, 2007. There are so many bugs in. I am using D7 (superious quality) and XE2 (latest bug fix).

  3. The list of bugfixes will make me decide to buy or not.

    By the way, that link goes to an empty page now.

  4. In Europe the price is fair for both the Upgrade as well as the Full Version. Assuming the work good, affordable. Delphi as well as RAD Studio. RAD Studio at the price level where I wanted it to have.

  5. We’re assuming that at some point there will be an upgrade offer that includes Delphi 2007 as an eligible product. We won’t be upgrading until there is, apart from one XE2 licence we already have which we can obviously upgrade anytime.

    We’re still basically stuck at Delphi 2007 because we don’t have time to go through the unicode issues, it isn’t exactly our fault that we can’t make use of any of the newer versions!

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