Settling in to a new Blog

[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes] I’ve tried numerous aborted attempts to kick off a blog in the past.  The usual pattern is feverish enthusiasm at the outset, finding tools, creating an identity, tweaking artwork, an initial post or two etc etc, which rapidly diminishes into disinterest as I find that the hassle of setting up the blog site itself wasn’t actually all just setting up and that some of that hassle continues on in the blog ownership experience. This time I’m confident that things will be different, and here’s why…

Kia ora

[Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute] No, not a blog about an orange soft drink concentrate, but a Delphi inspired blog from New Zealand.  Kia ora means literally “Be well/healthy“, often used as both a greeting and a farewell. I don’t have any concrete plans for content as yet, but hope to find the time – and inspiration to post something at least once a week, and hopefully more often. Kia ora