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ADB WinLog is a graphical (Microsoft Windows) monitor utility for the Android SDK adb logcat command.


ADB WinLog supports the following key logcat command features:

  • select buffer to monitor (main, system, radio, events or default)
  • choose item content and display format (raw, brief, tag, process, thread, threadtime)
  • Activity filters to limit log content
  • clear command (clears the selected log buffer on the device)

Additional features include:

  • Log items colour keyed according to item priority *1
  • Auto-Scroll to latest item (may be toggled on/off)
  • All log settings are persistent between sessions
  • Window position and size persistent between sessions
  • Stay-On-Top support (may be turned off)
  • Auto-Restart facility (may be turned off)
  • Suspend/Resume log output without interrupting logcat itself

*1 Only available when item priority is included in selected log format

For full details on these features and their operation please refer to the user guide.

ADB WINLOG in action
ADB WINLOG in action


ADB WinLog is a native code, 32-bit application (Win32) supporting the 32-bit Android SDK on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

NOTE: The 32-bit Android SDK can be used (and is recommended by some tools vendors) on 32 or 64-bit editions of Windows.


  ADB WINLOG 1.0.1 (514.4 KiB, 352 hits)

ADB WINLOG graphical viewer (Microsoft Windows) for the Android SDK adb logcat command.


ADB WinLog is offered free on an as-is basis to all users. If you wish to express your gratitude and help ensure continued support for future development please consider making whatever contribution you feel appropriate using the PayPal button below.

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