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What is it?  … a blog inspired by, and generally about, Delphi Pascal plus more general software development ramblings and yet other things that might not be related to any form of software development at all, from my adopted home here in Aotearoa – New Zealand.

I am pakeha. Originally from the UK I arrived in NZ in September 2005 having come with the intention of settling here despite never having set foot in the country before then. The reputation of the country and the people was enough to convince me to come and has been more than validated since.

The name I chose for my blog, Te Waka o Pascal, means The Canoe of Pascal, invoking the Maori historical tradition of tracing lineage back to the original canoe which brought their hapū or iwi and whānau to the shores of these beautiful islands.

There was of course no waka for Pascal, but I hope any Maori visitors will forgive the conceit.

Kia ora.